December 5, 2022

Want to Conceal Your Counter Clutter? Consider an Appliance Garage

Are you planning a kitchen remodel in Newtown or Yardley?

Want to Conceal Your Coffee Maker? Consider an Appliance Garage.

What's the fastest way to make your kitchen look better?

Clear your countertops!

Instantly make your kitchen look clean and attractive by removing appliances and any other items you usually keep on your counter. One option you can use is the Marie Kondo method, to reduce unused and unneeded items. This will leave you with fewer items to deal with.

However, empty countertops remain very difficult to achieve in real, everyday life. It might be possible to keep your toaster or waffle maker stored when not in use.  But it’s not always feasible - or desirable - to incorporate a regular habit of picking up and moving your air fryer, microwave, or standing mixer (especially your standing mixer) to a cabinet or pantry.

This is why larger countertop appliances stay on the countertop. There’s no good way to put them away.

If you can’t move countertop appliances, there is another trick to concealing them and keeping the kitchen looking clean and uncluttered in the process. Meet the “appliance garage.”

Appliance garages use rolled (or tambour) doors that stay hidden behind wall cabinets when not in use. When it’s time to hide countertop appliances, the appliance garage door can be pulled down, like a garage door, concealing items behind it. The rolled door is frequently painted to match the cabinets and create a built-in feel.

Check out this appliance garage tour posted by chrislovesjulia on Tiktok.

Contact iFixit to discuss your project and draw up your plans. 

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