November 10, 2022

How to Move a Cable Outlet

How to Move a Cable Outlet? Home theaters have become quite popular in recent years, and these can be quite large. Therefore, it’s common for one of the cabinets to end up in the middle of the cable outlet.

One solution is to try to reshape the cabinet, but chances are that the result would not look aesthetically pleasing. The better solution is to simply move the cable outlet. You can always count on your iFixit handyman for a job like this, but if you’d rather DIY it, keep on reading.

Remove the problematic cable outlet

Before you can move a cable outlet, you need to get rid of the one that needs to be moved. First, turn off the electricity: safety first. Next, unscrew the box.

Then pull the cable away from the wall. You want to remove the cable from the outlet box so that it’s hanging through the wall gap. Also, get rid of any additional pieces that were a part of the outlet, such as a supporting board, mounting plates, etc.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call, Contact iFixit for any kind of home repair and/or maintenance task.

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