Even though winter is still at large and the months of February and March can bring some unpleasant surprises when elements and temperatures are concerned, the great news is that spring is bound to come – and very soon! Hopefully, you have prepared your home for winter, but now is the time to consider possible chores when it comes to spring home maintenance.

And, unless you have really big plans for your spring home maintenance, the whole process doesn’t have to be all that challenging or time-consuming; especially if you leave the more technical stuff to your Levittown handyman.


Really thorough spring cleaning

Obviously, the biggest chore that awaits every homeowner this (and every other) spring is all about cleaning! Once you stop using your heaters and air-cons to warm up the place, you get an opportunity to purge and clear up everything!

For starters, remove all the extra protection you may have used on your home during the fall and winter months; if there is any, of course. Then take advantage of warmer weather and let the fresh air flow through your home.

Most modern heaters/radiators have an automatic purging system, but if yours doesn’t, you may want to release the air/water accumulation inside your heating unit. Obviously, properly cleaning the surface of your heaters and stoves is a must for a thorough spring home maintenance cleanup. Also, don’t forget to remove the chimney soot!

Furthermore, proceed to clean the rest of your home. This includes windows, floors, lamps, and chandeliers as well as furniture and textures. You may even want to change up your décor to reflect a more spring-like look with brighter and more vibrant colors.



Springtime is the perfect season for a much-needed air-condition servicing. After all, not many people find it necessary to use their AC units during the spring months as it’s not too cold to turn the AC on for hot air, and it’s not too warm to turn the AC on for cool air. Servicing your AC after winter and before summer is ideal if you want to get the most out of your unit and prolong its life. The same goes for your ventilation fans as well. Have them serviced, change the filters, clean them up, and voila!


Move your spring home maintenance outside

If you’re living in a house, you’ll have your share of outdoor chores for the upcoming season’s maintenance. For starters, you need to check the walls and the roof of your house properly to make sure that there’s no damage from the elements anywhere. Don’t forget about garden paths and sidewalks either. In case there are some damages, it’s essential that you utilize the warmer weather to fix them. If you’re handy, feel free to DIY the work, but don’t hesitate to call for a professional handyman service as soon as possible if you don’t know what to do or have the tools for it.

If necessary, take care of your garden and irrigation system. Also, check the condition of your patio furniture; there may be some sprucing up or fixing necessary, too.


Make the most out of the beautiful spring weather by getting on with spring home maintenance as soon as possible. With your local Levittown handyman and ifixit just a call away, there’s no need to let stress ruin this wonderful change of seasons for you.

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