There are many different ways to soundproof your home. Sometimes, all that’s necessary is a little bit of effort on your part and some DIYing. On the other hand, for more complex projects that will provide noise reduction, you may want to call for a Newtown handyman, and have a professional deal with the soundproofing.


1. Soundproof your home with carpets and rugs

Footsteps on the bare floor make a lot more noise than on surface that’s covered with a carpet. This is especially true for wooden floors. In that respect, sometimes just introducing a soft carpet into the room is a great step to soundproof your home. What’s more, carpeting also means better insulation during the colder winter months.


2. Invest in new flooring

If the biggest problem you have with noise comes directly from your floors that are old, worn and squeaky, new carpeting won’t be of much help. In this case, complete flooring replacement might be in order. The most common choice these days is laminate, as the material is easy to maintain, relatively affordable, and it also can imitate the look of whatever other material you want.


3. Replace the doors

It may be time to invest in new doors for your home. If your doors are old and weak, and if you notice that the wind and cold are easily seeping into your place through the doors, you can’t expect the soundproofing quality to be all that great either. But, with solid wooden doors that fit perfectly, you can expect the level of both soundproofing and insulation to boost.


4. Check your windows

Windows are the most important barrier against outside noise. It’s also another essential element that can filter cold air in winter while keeping it inside the home during the summer. Sealing the windows is a great way to cancel the noise that comes through them. But, if your windows are simply too old, you may need to replace them with new ones in order to get the best possible effect for insulation and soundproofing. In that regard, triple-glazed windows work the best.


5. Use soundproofing paint

This a very interesting tip that people who are not ready to invest in complete wall insulation may like. Essentially, there is a special soundproofing paint that can successfully reduce noise by up to 30%.


6. Cover your walls with bookshelves and books

Book lovers may just have what it takes for one interesting, creative DIY when soundproofing is concerned. Essentially, the books help create a barrier against noise. To do this, get yourself a good arsenal of books and place them on the shelves. Try to avoid leaving empty space on the shelves and don’t keep the books too far from one another.


7. Curtains can also help

Aside from keeping sun rays out of your home and adding warmth to your personal environment, curtains can also help with the acoustic insulation. For the noise-cancellation effect to be evident with curtains though, they have to be thick and long, dropping all the way to the floor.


8. Proper insulation

In the end, if you’re looking for the most effective way to soundproof your home, insulation of your walls and ceilings is definitely the right solution. However, it also requires more investment and effort on your part. Still, this may pay out in the long run as you’ll also get to save money on electricity bills. Of course, this kind of job should be left to professionals.


Don’t hesitate to call for your local Newtown handyman if you need expert help with soundproofing your home. Window and doors replacement/sealing, flooring installation, shelf assembling, insulation, you name it – ifixit is just a call away.

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