Dealing with a washing machine issue can be really bothersome. However, for some common problems, troubleshooting and repairing a washing machine doesn’t have to be all that difficult. As you probably all know, a washing machine has four main functions which are fill, wash, drain and spin. Sometimes it may happen that some of these functions simply fail. In the following article, your Doylestown handyman will provide you with tips on how to fix and resolve these issues yourself.


Washing machine doesn’t run

In case your washing machine won’t even start the cycle, or you hear it making noises when you turn it on, the most common case scenario would be that the machine is not properly electrically connected and lacks the necessary power. What’s more, one of the possibilities is for the overload protector to have tripped. Obviously, in the latter case, you just need to minimize the load and reset everything. But if there are some electrical issues you can try the following: Turn the machine on and check the receptacle. If it doesn’t seem to work, check the circuit breaker. Maybe you need to replace the power cord. If the machine still doesn’t work, you may want to check and replace the lid switch. If all of this fails to repair a washing machine, it’s probably time to call for professional help.


Washing machine doesn’t rinse properly

Obviously, the first thing you should do when your machine doesn’t rinse the laundry properly is to check whether you used the right amount of detergent as well as the size of the load. If this isn’t it, however, take a look at the supply valves. The hoses should be thoroughly open and not kinked in any way. Also, check the state of the drain hose, as a blockage in the drain may be causing the rinsing issue. Moreover, the cold water supply hose shouldn’t be blocked. In the end, all you may need to do to repair a washing machine, in this case, is to replace the hose. But, if this trick doesn’t work, it means that you’re not dealing with a common problem and have to call in a repairman.


Washing machine leaks

If your washing machine leaks, the most common cause has to do with the hoses or connections. It’s important that you check if the water leaking is actually just the drain water. Installing “no-burst” stainless-steel mesh hoses and lever-type shutoff valves can solve the problem of the potential flood. It’s paramount that you check the fittings for the hoses and faucets as well as the state of the hoses. Also, oversudsing can initiate overflowing, which you can deal with easily if you just use 1/2 cup white vinegar in 1-quart water. Finally, don’t forget to check the seals and bearings – if these need replacing, you really ought to call a technician.


If you can’t repair a washing machine on your own, remember that you can always count on your local Doylestown handyman for this and other home maintenance tasks. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us at ifixit if you need something urgently and efficiently fixed.

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