Drywall is one of the most common materials used in building walls today. It’s convenient both for owners and contractors, thanks to its great properties. You can easily paint it and it gives certain acoustic and temperature insulation. Most importantly, drywall is ubiquitous, affordable and easy to install compared to other materials. However, it also has its drawbacks. It doesn’t withstand moisture very well and it’s easy to puncture it and make holes in it. Today we will address one of those two issues, and give you some tips on how to fix holes in drywall.

1. Fixing a medium-sized drywall hole

Start by cutting out a square around the hole in the drywall, and cut the broken piece out. Next, measure the sides of the square and cut a new piece of drywall to patch the hole. The piece should be about 2-3 inches larger than the hole. Then trace the square on your wall to the piece you cut – you should have two squares within each other.

Now cut out the outer square and leave the smaller one in, along with the paper edges of a larger circle. You should now be able to easily slide in this piece to your hole in the wall. Now get some drywall mix and place it on the paper edges, placing the piece in the existing hole. Apply a thin coat of solution on top of your patch and around the edges. Finally, leave the patch to dry and sand out the surface to complete the reparation.

2. Fixing a large hole

The process here is very similar, with some extra steps included. Before you begin installing a patch like you would for a smaller hole, you will need to place some wooden backing strips on the inner side of the wall, The strips should be parallel to the floor, along with two strips behind the wall’s vertical side. You will use the strips as patch supports. You can simply screw in these strips. Now insert your patch in the similar way as method 1 and screw it to the wooden support strips. Repeat the end of the process the same way as in method 1.

3. Quick fix for a hole

If you don’t have the time to do a larger repair or the hole in your drywall, get a patch of aluminum mesh slightly larger than your hole. Stick it onto the surrounding drywall, and layer on the drywall mix to the mesh. Apply several layers of drywall mix according to the package instructions and go an additional inch over the edges to make the transition smoother. Leave to dry overnight and sand to make an even surface.

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