When you spot water stains on the walls the first thing you should do is find the main cause for this. We can’t stress enough just how important this is. In order to make these stains go away for good, you really need to fix whatever has caused them in the first place. Of course, you’ll then have to remove moisture stains from the walls with proper cleaning and painting. But, the aesthetic bit will be just that if you’re not determined and responsible enough to find how exactly that moisture got into your walls. For any professional help in this regard, you can always count on your Morrisville handyman.


Remove moisture stains from the walls

In general terms, the first step should be to try to dry the stain. Help yourself with fans, heat guns, hair dryers or coolers to accelerate the evaporation of trapped water. Keep in mind that the marks may be whitish, black, gray or greenish, depending on the cause of the problem.

Once the wall is dry to the touch, analyze if there are any signs of fungus on the walls. Normally you can remove these by scrubbing the wall with bleach or white vinegar and a soft brush, but you may need to take some extra measures if the mold is persistent. Before you proceed with other work, make sure that the wall is completely dry. Use the heating tools again if necessary.


After the cleaning comes the aesthetic part

When you no longer notice mold, fungus or stains on the walls, you can repaint the surface to give it a better finish. It would be best to use damp-proof paints if the area in question is prone to this problem, especially in the case of the bathroom and the kitchen.

Finally, keep the rooms ventilated and dry as much as possible, to avoid moisture condensation again and the recurring nature of this problem.

As you remove moisture from the walls the paintwork will have to be done carefully. As mentioned, with the problem fixed and walls cleaned, your first coat of paint should be the plain white (damp-proof) one. Only once that first coat has dried to perfection should you proceed with the toner mix and additional layers. One extra layer may be enough but if you want two, make sure that the previous one is perfectly dry as well. If you want to protect your walls from moisture even further, don’t hesitate to use a waterproof latex coating on top of your finished paintwork.


Don’t hesitate to give your local Morrisville handyman and ifixit a call if you need a professional to remove moisture stains from the walls in your home. Moreover, we can help you with whatever is causing this issue and provide quality paintwork once the problem with moisture and mold is resolved. It’s paramount that you deal with this as soon as possible. After all, moisture leads to stubborn mold and fungi, which, when left unattended, can cause serious health issues for the household.

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