We have already discussed different ways you could fix wooden surfaces, wooden furniture included. But, if you’re a lover of metal furniture pieces and want to use it as a part of your special home décor, it’s important to know how to properly restore metal furniture as well. The work you do will allow you to protect the furniture for longer, too. That being said, keep in mind what your Southampton handyman has to tell you, especially when it comes to outdoor furniture.


Steps necessary to restore metal furniture:

Dismantle the furniture using suitable screwdrivers and tweezers. This will allow you to clean it better. Still, write down the location of each part and the way it fits, or take a picture, in order to know where each piece should go once you’re done.

Remove the current paint or the treatment on the furniture. Use gloves and be careful. You might need to use a solvent paint remover if necessary. Essentially, all you have to do is leave it on and then scrape the paint with a metal spatula or steel brush. Go over with a solvent-dampened cloth to make sure every little bit is removed.

In order to restore metal furniture, you need to sand it. This is especially important if you notice rust as you have to leave the metal as exposed as possible. This work is boring and tiresome, but it is one of the key factors to successful restoration.

You may have to use a rust converter if you want to protect your metal furniture outdoors. Rust converter can be found in different shades, which will allow you to use only this without having to go over with extra paint. Of course, if you want to make sure that your metal furniture is 100% safe from the elements and looks absolutely amazing, you may want to apply one or two layers of high-quality oil-based paint. However, you need a small amount of product after using the rust converter. You can use whatever tool you find appropriate, a brush, a roller or a blowtorch; it all depends on the effect you wish to achieve. Just make sure that each layer is completely dry before you apply another one.

Additionally, you may want to protect the furniture by applying varnish. In this case, you really need to let the varnish dry to perfection. Only then can you reassemble the furniture using the pictures or clues you made when you started the work in the first place.


Once you restore metal furniture how do you take care of it?

Complement your restoration work with reupholstered cushions, a lacquered wood top, or whatever it is so that the metal furniture looks better. You can even use the distressed look trend if it fits your décor style.

Make sure that the metal furniture pieces are not actually touching, so keep them separated a bit. Also, if you want to stack them when putting the furniture away in the garage, for example, make sure that there’s a fabric separator between the pieces.

Even though the previously-mentioned process should be enough to effectively protect and restore metal furniture, you may still want to keep the outdoor furniture covered just to be 100% safe against the elements. Using rubber protectors on the furniture legs is also a good idea for furniture longevity and fashionable looks.


Need professional help to restore your metal furniture? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Southampton handyman and ifixit. We’re just a call away from whatever home maintenance and repair services you may need.

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