Fence is a really important part of your home and yard. You may want it to match your taste and keep your pets inside your property, but there are other things you need to consider if you want to plan the perfect fence for your home. For starters, you need to think about the design and purpose, necessary materials, building codes as well as the way this fence is going to affect your neighbors. With the help of your Princeton handyman, you can deal with everything effectively.


What do you want your fence to do?

In order to find the right materials and choose the proper style for your new fence, you need to establish the purpose of it. After all, this will help you narrow down the material choices as well as define the budget and effort necessary to do the work.

There will be differences if you want a fence that will just keep your dog from jumping over it compared to a fence that will keep the neighborhood kids from getting in. Not to mention a fence that should effectively keep away the burglars.

Also, there’s a question of privacy. A complete privacy involves tall fence walls, but if you want to plan the perfect fence, you probably won’t opt for something like this since you’ll miss out on the view as well. Not to mention that a plain, solid and tall fence won’t look nice compared to the rest of the neighborhood or your house. The key here is to find the common ground yourself.

Moreover, you can use different style and size fences in order to define and designate different areas on your property. Most often, these kind of fences are used to add a decorative and personal touch to your home.

Of course, you also need to think about controlling the sun, wind and noise with your fence as much as possible, if that’s something you’re concerned about. In general, the more solid the fence material the bigger the shade. On the other hand, spaced slats or lovers are better for wind control. Finally, thicker and taller fence is more effective for noise cancelation.


Do you want to plan the perfect fence with your neighbors in mind?

In general, designing and creating the perfect fence for you doesn’t have to mean the same as for your neighbors. Unfortunately, the chances are that you’ll have to consider what your neighbors have to say. This is especially true if you’re about to share one side of the fence with your first neighbor. In order to make the most out of this project, it would be best to discuss your needs and wants with your first neighbor. That way, you’ll set a friendly tone from the start, and you’ll probably be able to finish discussing this sooner than later.


Durable fence materials

Of course, aside from the purpose and style you also need to think about the durability and affordability of this project. The choice of materials is probably going to affect this aspect a lot. For starters, if you want durability among all else, concrete fence with metal posts and rails is your best option. Then again, you may want to opt for pressure-treated posts, metal panels or rot-resistant wood. In the end, your taste and budget still plays an important role.


As mentioned in the beginning, you don’t want to go against building codes and regulations with your fence. Therefore, don’t forget to check the rules with the City Hall to see whether there are some limitations to your community. Also, you can always count on your local Princeton handyman and ifixit when it comes to planning and creating the perfect fence in regards to your budget, needs and wants.

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