Taking advantage of the space you have in your bedroom can be much easier than you think, and you don’t actually need to spend a ton of money for additional furniture pieces. If storage is the main issue for you why not utilize the space you have under the bed and make bed drawers? After all, you can always adapt the drawers to the bed’s size as well as the things you want to store in there. Of course, don’t hesitate to rely on your Doylestown handyman in case you are not a handy DIYer yourself.

These drawers are great for storing all the items you do not use regularly, such as out-of-season clothes and shoes, sports or camping equipment, etc. But, you can also keep regular clothes and items you frequently use, such as sheets, blankets, towels, everyday footwear, and clothes, etc.


What you need for your bed drawers

If you want to make bed drawers, you will need a wooden base for each (firm and not less than 2 cm thick) as well as four slats for the sides. In addition, make sure to get the drawer wheels and a proper handle that will match the style you like but won’t be too bulky; you don’t want to hurt yourself every time you get in or out of bed because the handle is too large. Finally, prepare a sealer, wood glue, screws and screwdriver, latex paint in the desired shade, and the material you want to line your drawer interior with.

The first thing you want to do is free up space you have under the bed. So, remove any boxes and similar items you may have there. Obviously, you can only make bed drawers for under-the-bed storage if there is an actual empty space there.


How to take proper measurements for your bed drawers

Once you free up space it’s time to take measurements. Essentially, you have to measure the width and length of the bed by measuring the distance between bed legs. Also, pay attention to the maximum height available; there may be some additional parts that would block the drawer so make sure to check just how high you can go.

This is not all, however. Well, if there’s nothing around your bed and you don’t plan to put anything there in the future, you can simply proceed. But, in case you have a bedside table, a shelf, or something else that stands right next to the bed, you may want to take that furniture’s length in consideration when calculating measurements for your drawers as well. Think about it. Even if you have free space under the bed of 6 feet distance between the legs you may not be able to fit a 6 feet drawer in length if there’s a 1.5 feet bedside table right next to the bed, blocking the free space under the bed. In that case, your drawer(s) should be 4.5 feet in length.

Moreover, when you make bed drawers, you need to take into account the available space for pulling the drawers out. This is essential when calculating the width of your drawers.

Finally, measure the height of the wood you want to use and the wheels, and calculate the total available for your bed drawer sides. For example, if you have a total height of 10 inches, wood that’s 0.7 inches thick and wheels that occupy 3 inches, then the sides shouldn’t go over 6.3 inches.


Finish the project

For one bed drawer, cut the wood from the base and place the four wheels in the 4 corners. Then, glue and screw the sides, and apply a layer of sealer. Let it dry, paint over with the chosen paint shade (latex paint in one or two layers), and voila! You get to enjoy your bed with drawers while you made the most out of the previously wasted space, too.


Making your own bed drawers is not an overly complicated process but it’s far from a simple DIY. If you need help with this kind of a project, don’t hesitate to give your local Doylestown handyman and ifixit a call.

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