Regardless of whether you want to install them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room or bedroom, large tiles will always be a fashionable choice. Of course, if you’re planning to install large tiles in a smaller space, you have to be careful about preserving the style of that specific space in order not to go overboard and create a messy and cluttered look. Luckily, tile installation can be easily done on your own. So, keep in mind what your Langhorne handyman has to tell you. For a small space that you want to make great, choosing the right tile format and style is very important.


Think about the design

In spaces like the bathroom, it is ideal to install this type of tiles in a diagonal way since they allow a greater visual amplitude to the environment, achieving the appearance of a large floor instead of a small one formed by small pieces. Remember that it’s very important to get rid of the actual clutter in your bathroom, especially if it is on the smaller side. Moreover, organize your cabinets in a way that won’t cover the floor too much.


An investment

Large format tiles are usually a bit more expensive than medium or small formats. But, if you install large tiles in a smaller space you can enjoy many benefits. For starters, even though the tiles may seem too expensive at first, you would be saving money eventually. After all, a remodel would require you to buy more smaller pieces. Also, transportation of larger tiles would be less difficult.



The first thing you must take into account is that the floor surface must be completely leveled. Remember, these are ceramic tiles and cannot be bent. Therefore, they could break in the installation if you’re not careful.

Another important factor is that not all spaces are absolutely square. So, we recommend using the same model tiles in a smaller size as well so you do not waste much material in cuts. Remember to take exact measurements of the space and compare it with the actual size of the tiles.


When you install large tiles in a smaller space you’re essentially making a huge change that will allow you to create a visually bigger room. In case you don’t think this is something you can DIY, feel free to contact your Langhorne handyman and ifixit for some professional assistance on the matter.

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