Laminate floors are a very interesting option for the floor of your house because they are economical, very resistant and have a variety of finishes for all tastes. In addition to these advantages, it’s also not at all impossible to install laminate flooring, as it only requires time and patience. The floating installation is done on a layer of insulation above the floor that you already have in your home and the pieces fit together, so with a little skill and proper instructions you can sign up to DIY this project. Of course, you can always count on your Yardley handyman if you find this task too difficult after all.


Materials needed to install laminate flooring

Insulation material: placed under the laminate floor to isolate it from the lower layer and reduce the sound of steps and impacts. If you plan to install your new floor directly on cement, the subfloor must also be waterproof.

Laminated floor: measure the surface you want to cover and add an extra 10% of material just to be safe.

Skirting board: like with the floor, you will have to measure the perimeter of the room and add a bit more.

Tape measure: essential to measure all of the above.

Cutting saw

Adhesive for skirting

American tape



Install laminate flooring step by step

Insulation placement: Install the insulation layer by unrolling the insulating material throughout the room and secure the edges with American tape. Also use it to join the different pieces of insulation between them without overlapping, just place them next to each other. If you are going to install the laminate directly on cement, without having a previous floor, you will also need to place a layer of plastic between the cement and the insulation that acts as a vapor barrier to avoid humidity.

Install the laminate floor next to the door frame: Usually, you have to cut the bottom part of the door frame to fit the new floor. Place one of the laminate plates next to the frame to measure the height, point with a pencil and carefully cut with a saw. Try to be as accurate as possible.


Laminate floor layout

Now you can start laying down the laminate. Choose the orientation of the slats according to the effect you want to achieve and start at the most visible corner of the room. When you reach the end of the row you will only have to measure the piece and cut it to fill the missing gap. If the cut-out piece on the end is very small, you may prefer to start at the center of the room and work sideways to make it more aesthetically appealing.

To install the next row you will only need to fit the pieces by applying pressure. Start at the opposite corner so that the joints fit properly, and continue until you finish the room. In the last row of laminate floor, you will also have to cut the pieces on the long side to cover the floor perfectly.


How to install the skirting board for laminate flooring

Once you have the flooring installed you only lack the final touch, the skirting board. Place it around the perimeter of the room and adhere it to the wall with glue. Some people prefer to nail it, but the adhesive is more than enough and you will avoid the holes. You should start with the doors instead of the corner, so if there is a smaller fragment, it will be better disguised. As before, if the final piece is very small, you may be more interested in starting at the center to avoid it.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Yardley handyman and ifixit in case you’re in need of professional assistance for any kind of repair/update in your home. You can rest assured that whatever project or emergency task you have in mind it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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