Electrical installations require proper attention and a lot of caution. if you’re not sure how to install outdoor outlets on your own, it is infinitely better to call in your expert Morrisville handyman who will give you the best advice and safely install whatever you need.

The first thing you have to take into account is that the electrical connection points installed outdoors are not the same as those that are placed indoors. Outdoor outlets have to be watertight and much more resistant to external elements such as dust, water, and dirt. Of course, in order to install electrical outlets outdoors, you’ll have to get outdoor-specific ones. Also, the installation complexity will depend on your own circumstances.


You need more outlets outside

If you already have a junction box outside, you can use that point to make a new distribution of wiring and plugs. In covered areas, you may want to use flexible pipes such as steel reinforced PVC. There’s also the possibility of using PVC corrugated pipe or halogen-free ones. These are very resistant to combustion and don’t emit toxic gases in case of fire. In case you need to install electrical outlets outdoors where there’s no existing protection from the elements you should use PVC pipes reinforced with steel. These are flexible and can be placed outside. In addition, they are very resistant to impact. For electrical outlets that you need to place at different areas of your yard take the wiring underground.


You need to install electrical outlets outdoors for the first time

This is the most complicated situation and may require very challenging installation process and work. This is especially true if you want to do a professional job and do the installation inside the walls. In this case, the installation is quite laborious and delicate. If you don’t have experience with this type of home project, it’s highly advisable to contact a professional. That way you can achieve a safe and aesthetically perfect result.

The usual thing, in this case, is to take the electrical installation from the inside of the house to the outside with the help of rigid tubes or gutters. You can place them both on the walls and on the ceilings, without the need to make chafing on the wall. The installation would be on the outside, only protected by the pipes or gutters.

If you decide to work the walls and make the installation internal, you will have to use corrugated PVC pipes or halogen-free ones. Although there are more possibilities with a PVC pipe, it all depends on the material of the walls.

In both cases, it’s essential that you stay safe. Therefore, use gloves and protective glasses, as well as tools with insulated handles. The materials must also be top quality and appropriate choice for your own outdoor situation.


Always do your own research when you want to install electrical outlets outdoors. And if you find that there are more cons than pros when DIYing this is concerned, you can always count on your local Morrisville handyman and ifixit to help you.

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