A ceiling fan is one of the most popular choices for modern kitchens as it keeps the air fresh and circulating while providing a nice cooling effect. Even though there are plenty of different designs for ceiling fans on the market, people generally tend to go for plainest and cheapest as they’re still functional. But what if you want something different? Are you tired of the plain and ugly look of your ceiling fan but don’t know what steps to take as it still works? Luckily, you can always renew your ceiling fan and your Yardley handyman will tell you how.


Repaint your ceiling fan

Painting is a great ally in the renovation of ceiling fans. The first step is to disassemble it in order to work comfortably. Turn off the electricity to avoid any risks, and remove the screws and nuts that hold the blades of the fan to the base.

Although you can paint the base by removing its casing, it’s better to do it with the base set, or request the services of a qualified electrician to dismantle and then assemble the fan: safety always comes first.

To paint the ceiling fan you should use enameled paint, stained glass lacquer, or acrylic mixed in equal parts with lacquer or colorless vitrifying lacquer. The fans are usually metal or plastic, and the latex or acrylic paint could come off as they don’t fix well to the surface.

Once the blades have been disassembled, clean them with a damp cloth, and smooth them with soft sandpaper to remove grease, stubborn dirt, and generally create a clean surface so that the paint will hold well. Then, create designs or patterns with paper tape; you can use stencils and molds, or create the aesthetic you prefer with decorative painting. Let the paint dry perfectly before you reassemble your “new” ceiling fan.


More ideas to renew your ceiling fan

Other decorative ideas for renovating your ceiling fan are, for example, covering the blades with natural threads, giving the blades a more rustic and natural look, or applying the decoupage technique.

To do this, first apply a layer of oxide converter, so that the glue sticks better. If you want to decoupage, opt for a glue that’s specific for this particular technique. Finally, you can also use varnish or lacquer as a fixing product for the papers you apply in this decorative technique.

You can get even more creative with this project; place beads, ribbons, and yarn; make landscape paintings, and even decorate with paint or vinyl stickers.


How to renew the ceiling fan without modifying it

Suppose you live in a rented space that has a ceiling fan, and you prefer not to make definitive changes. In this case, you can opt for an “easy way out”. Basically, you can get covers that fix to the blades of the fan, completely modifying their appearance, but easily removable.

These are commonly light covers, made of acrylics, galvanized wires, and even cardboard and flexible wooden rods, covered in natural fibers or fabrics. You can create forms of large leaves, flower petals, or whichever theme you prefer.

Simply mount the blade covers on the blades of the fan with magnets or tape, or with wires woven into the screws and the covers. Whatever you decide to use to fix the covers onto the blades, make sure to test your work as the covers shouldn’t slip off when the fan is rotating.


Need help with fan repair or its effective renewal? In case you don’t feel comfortable enough to take up this project on your own, feel free to get in touch with your local Yardley handyman and ifixit.

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