Getting rid of old wallpaper may not be the most fun task in the world, but there are still several techniques that you can try. Depending on the type of paper and glue used, certain methods will work better than others, so don’t hesitate to change up the strategy in the middle of the project. After all, it’s better to experiment with these techniques than to stubbornly stick to one that may not work for you and your walls. Today, you Morrisville handyman will help you remove wallpaper on your own by explaining three different techniques that you could use.


1. The mix of vinegar and water

If you want to save some money on this project you can simply use the vinegar you have in your kitchen. Make sure to mix the same amount of vinegar and warm water. You can then use a sprayer to moisten the wallpaper with this mix. Let the vinegar work its magic for about 15 minutes. Once the wallpaper loosens, remove it by hand. Start from the bottom, and try to remove wallpaper in large sheets. Work in small sections and moisten the paper as you work. If the wallpaper is very thick, try to scrub it with a brush or sandpaper.


2. Use the power of steam

Another popular technique to remove wallpaper is steam. This technique can be very efficient since it basically unglues the glue that attached the wallpaper in the first place. You will need an effective steam cleaner for this technique to work. Again, you should work in small sections to avoid any mishaps. If you plan to rent a steam cleaner for this purpose, opt for a mini cleaner that is easy to operate. Before you actually start, let the steam warm up enough, then bring it close to the wall and wait until the wallpaper is soft. Then pick it by hand or with a scraper. Remember that these machines can drip hot water, so always use them with care.


3. Fabric softener can help

Using fabric softener is also one of the more popular solutions for people who want to remove wallpaper on their own. Essentially, fabric softener can also soften the wallpaper glue. Mix half a cup of fabric softener with one liter of water and apply the mixture to the wallpaper using a sponge. As with the previous methods, work in small sections so that the paper does not dry too quickly. Wait 20 minutes and then scrape the wallpaper. Use a brush if the paper is a bit thicker.


If none of these methods work, consider buying chemicals designed to remove wallpaper. Remove a small piece of paper and take it to the specialized store, so one of the employees can recommend the best chemicals based on the paper you have and the glue used. Of course, don’t hesitate to rely on your local Morrisville handyman and ifixit to remove wallpaper for you, especially if you want some other work done afterward such as repainting or applying new wallpaper.

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