A damaged cable, a loose plug, an appliance that is malfunctioning, are all small things that people tend to ignore; however, they can cause electrical failures and, as a consequence, a home fire. Regular maintenance of the electrical system, paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for the appliances as well as hiring trained and experienced electricity professionals to deal with damage accordingly can help you keep your home safe and prevent electrical fires.

With the following tips, your Doylestown handyman hopes to boost the overall safety of your home. However, if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your appliances, electricity and/or wiring, make sure to act ASAP.


Tricks to prevent electrical fires

  • Regularly check the condition of the cables that are visible to the naked eye.
  • Periodically check the correct functioning of the circuit breaker, automatic short-circuit, etc.
  • In case of detecting any problem, do not try to solve it by yourself or carry out a “temporary” fix; always call personnel trained for those tasks immediately.
  • Never try to repair the cables with insulating tape. This tape tends to detach and leave the cables exposed again. This can put at risk any person who touches them without realizing the break; it can also cause a short circuit and subsequent fire.
  • If the plugs, fuses or circuit breaker jump or burn with some frequency, they are indicating there’s an electrical fault inside the home. Never delay the necessary repairs in this case. Generally, this happens when there’s very large energy consumption and the circuits are not able to support it, thus producing the power cut.
  • When leaving the house, never leave electrical appliances plugged in if not absolutely necessary (microwaves, TVs, computers, music equipment, etc.). If you’ll be absent for several days, it would be ideal to completely disconnect your electricity. That way, you’ll do your best to prevent electrical fires and any other potential damage while you’re away.
  • When changing fuses or plugs, opt for those that are adapted to the needs of your home and are top-quality products.
  • Never use several extension cords. If you don’t have enough sockets for all your plugs, it’s better to install new ones than to rely heavily on extension cords.
  • Iron is one of the appliances that should never be plugged in after use. It can overheat and cause a short power circuit. What’s more, never keep it directly next to fabrics for a longer period of time. This is one of the most frequent errors that causes a high rate of home fires.
  • Appliances should always be placed a little away from the wall, so they can get some ventilation while in use.
  • If an electrical device doesn’t work properly or you know that a cable is not in good condition, you shouldn’t use it at all until you get it repaired.
  • When buying electrical products, you should always read the instructions on their correct use. If the manual says “not suitable for use with extenders” or point to a specific place for their installation, those recommendations must be taken very seriously. After all, these are issued by the manufacturers; following the rules can help you prevent electrical fires and other home accidents.


If you find that there’s something wrong with your home’s electrical system; that your wiring has some faults or that your appliances and cables aren’t working properly, don’t hesitate to call for your local Doylestown handyman and ifixit as soon as possible. We will deal with the issue at hand quickly, safely and efficiently.

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