Repainting your floors is never an easy task to do, but wood can be particularly tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing or have the necessary patience. Still, many homeowners decide to paint wood floors because this is considerably cheaper compared to refinishing or even replacing them. And with the smart and creative use of stencils and/or painter’s tape, you can really make something special and unique in your home. If you’ve been considering this project as a DIY, your Newtown handyman has some bits of advice for you.


Plan it out

When you want to paint your wood floors you can’t just up and paint them and done. You have to realize that you will first need to remove all the furniture from the room. Then you’ll need to take into account the fact that paint takes a while to dry and fumes to disappear. You won’t be able to spend time in the space that has strong fumes. Not to mention that it would be best for the weather to be warm and dry in general; otherwise, the paint will take even longer to dry.


Choose your paint

There are many different paint options on the market. But, the most durable and effective option is undoubtedly oil-based porch and floor paint (or oil-based enamel). If you want something greener with weaker fumes, you’ll have to accept the fact that the paint won’t last as long. Ideal conditions would be to paint in a completely closed room with windows and doors shut to avoid dust, but that may not be possible due to the fumes. Either way, make sure to use a respirator.


Steps to paint wood floors

  1. Remove the gloss from the old floor finish. You can do this with regular sandpaper by hand.
  2. Your floors have to be very clean before you proceed. That said, vacuum them properly and mop afterward. Of course, wait for the floors to be completely dry before the next step.
  3. Apply the first coat of paint but do it in a very thin layer. The best way to do this is to use a brush to cover the edges and sides next to the walls, and then you can use either brush or a roller to fill in the rest of the floor without getting trapped.
  4. Use the sandpaper lightly again to smooth out the surface of the floor and then brush away any dust particles.
  5. It’s time for the second coat. This, too, has to be painted in a thin layer! Don’t make a mistake of piling up paint because it won’t dry or look nice. Use the same technique as with the first coat and then rush out of the room to breathe some clean air.
  6. Once your previous paintwork is completely dry, this is the time to add any decorative touches if you want them.
  7. If you’re all finished, you might want to seal the floor, especially if you know that there will be constant traffic in the room.
  8. It usually takes just a couple of days for the paint to be completely dry to walk normally over it, but be prepared for the fumes to completely go away only after a couple of weeks.


In case you believe you need professional assistance to paint your wood floors, you can always rely on your local Newtown handyman and ifixit, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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