Your front door is the first line of defense when it comes to the security of your home. This is especially true if your front door and porch are located next to the public road or a busy street. Essentially, you want to improve front door security; that way, you’ll do your best to prevent unfortunate events such as thefts and break-ins. As your Levittown handyman will explain, boosting the security of your front door is not that difficult, especially when a couple of simple practices can make you and your household safer.


How to reinforce security at the front door

The main door of the home is, in many cases, the point of greatest fragility. The little practicality of the mobile grids and the standardized design common for modern doors make access quite vulnerable to force. But, even some small changes can make a difference and improve front door security effectively.

Hollow doors, with two simple plates mounted to a structure, is one of the least secure types of doors. The best thing is to have solid doors, made with a wooden plate no less than 2 inches thick.

However, these are usually quite expensive. Therefore, it would be a good idea to make a metallic frame of crossed bars and place it inside the traditional hollow doors. That way, if evildoers chose to break through the door, the metal bars would actually prevent access.

On the other hand, metal doors are also more resistant than wooden doors, and much cheaper than solid doors. People tend to ignore them due to their unattractive appearance, but there’s a good trick for this, too: mount panels or wooden planks over the metal door to create the desired aesthetic and still improve front door security.

By doing so, you can also place insulation filler, such as expanded polyurethane sheets, between decorative wood and metal, thus improving the thermal insulation of the home.


Safer locks for the front door

The vast majority of main access doors and secondary access doors (such as those leading to the garden) have a simple locking system, equipped with a latch and a lock with one to three small bolts. This system is quite vulnerable too. It’s best to use wider security locks that achieve a greater point of contact between the frame and the door.

There are also quite complex systems of bars, with bolts that go to 2-4 directions: left/right and/or up and down. As always, the downside is that such systems are expensive.

To enhance the security of your home in a more economical way, use a door handle that can only be opened from the outside with the key, and internal locks that can only be operated from within when the homeowners are already inside.

Other options include installation of chains, or elaborate systems of bars larger than the access door, with manual or mechanical placement, to make it virtually impossible to open the doors from the outside without the corresponding key.


Extra security measures for access doors

In order to improve front door security when the doors are located directly on the sidewalk or public road, it’s necessary to have a peephole, preferably electronic, which allows you to see the visitors even before they approach the door.

If there’s a certain distance between the public road and the access door, a traditional peephole may be sufficient, as long as you remember to actually use it.

Make sure you always follow the safety protocols. Basically, never open the doors to strangers, keep them locked, and call emergency services to help someone in need, before letting them into your home.


If you want to improve front door security at your home, be it with new locks or doors, you can always count on your local Levittown handyman and ifixit to do a professional and trustworthy job.

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