So, you’ve decided to spice up the look of your home a little bit. There are plenty of benefits to using mirrors in home décor. Apart from their obvious purpose, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes which makes them a beautiful decorative detail as well. Moreover, the reflectiveness of a mirror can make even the smallest room appear visually bigger. But what to do when you have to hang a heavy mirror? With the help of your Doylestown handyman you can turn this process into a relatively quick and fun DIY.

Find the place to hang your mirror

The first thing you should do is to actually find the exact place where you want your mirror to be. When you have to hang a heavy mirror, it’s important to determine the type of wall as well. If you’re hanging it on a plaster wall, then you can get away with simply using your regular picture-hanging hooks and regular screws. For drywall on the other hand, you should always weigh your mirror first. It just might happen that the weight of the mirror is more than what your wall and hanging hardware can take. It would be best to locate studs where you want your mirror hooks to be. But if this doesn’t work, you can still secure your mirror with the right anchors.

Mark the spots

Heavy mirrors usually come with two hooks on each side. In case your mirror doesn’t have these already, you have to deal with this task first. The important thing here is to transfer the measurements onto your wall properly. Measure the distance between the two hooks. This is the measurement you want to transfer on your wall and mark the drilling spots where the hooks are. Your Doylestown handyman recommends using a carpenter’s square for this task. However, don’t forget to include the height of the mirror in your calculations as well. Even if you get the hanging width right, it would be pointless to drill the wall if the height doesn’t match the available space.

Drill the holes

Once you double-check your measurements, it’s time to drill some holes. Of course, in order to hang a heavy mirror, you need to have your toggle bolts and anchors ready. It’s always smart to use anchors that support a lot of weight. Better safe than sorry, right? Once you get your anchors into the holes, you need to insert a screw into each anchor. Make sure that your anchors and screws are secured and that they can truly support the weight of the mirror.

Time to hang a heavy mirror

Now that you have the wall screws ready, it’s time to hang that mirror. Hang the hooks from the mirror on the screws in the wall. Also, consider adding bumpers to the bottom of the mirror. That way, you’ll prevent the mirror frame from scratching your wall. All in all, this is a pretty easy process. Just make sure that both your wall screws and mirror hooks are secured tightly. Still, Doylestown handyman has one extra trick for you. When you have to hang a heavy mirror, you will naturally want to check out different places for it. Instead of lifting the mirror to try to get the gist of how it will look, cut the cardboard piece that has the same shape as the mirror and use it as a reference.

You should definitely be able to hang a heavy mirror all by yourself thanks to these tips from your Doylestown handyman. However, don’t hesitate to contact ifixit for any other home repairs that await. At affordable prices, we at ifixit can improve your personal environment and help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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