When one has to cut and drill ceramics or tiles they usually hire a professional such as your Levittown handyman. That way, you can be sure that the project you want to work on is going to be amazing. After all, not many people would actually know the proper technique to do it and may end up with chipped pieces, scratched surfaces, and tiles that can no longer be used.

But, keep on reading, and you can learn the best way to go about cutting and drilling ceramics and tiles so that you can effectively DIY most of your home projects.


How to drill ceramics

Ceramic or decorative tiles have a very fragile surface layer. That said, it may seem rather complicated and challenging to cut and drill ceramics for your own home projects.

The first issue that usually occurs is that ceramics tend to slip. To avoid this, it will be enough to create a rough surface at the point where you want to drill, scraping it with a file, or placing a paper tape (the painter’s or low contact tape) that prevents the piece from moving.

The following suggestion is the most appropriate for cutting and drilling ceramics since it solves the second most common issue: the surface splinters, scratches or cracks. When placing a piece of low contact adhesive tape, the piece will remain intact, and after drilling, it will be enough to remove the tape for it to look great.

A good trick is to use a bit smaller drill than you may need, even the smallest one you have, so that the rest of your work proceeds more efficiently until you get the right size.


How to cut ceramics

To make cuts on ceramics or tiles, whether straight cuts, angles, corners or curves, you need to work with care, patience and the right tools. Place the pieces on the work table, tightly fasten with tweezers, and mark with a black graphite pencil. This will help you follow the necessary form, but also prevent the tool from slipping on the surface of the ceramic.

With some experience you can use grinders with cutting discs, while always working carefully and slowly, avoiding cutting more than necessary. Also, electric saws can be very useful if you already master the technique.

For beginners, the best way to cut and drill ceramics is to use a manual glass cutter. This is a small tool similar to a pencil that has a diamond tip. Simply pass it over the surface of the ceramic to mark the surface layer and allow the break with a gentle pressure of the hands, or with cutting tweezers. You should not push the tool strongly against the ceramic, but just pass it as if you were drawing with a pencil over it.


How to prepare the pieces for cutting and drilling

It’s essential to always work with tools that are in good condition and are appropriate for each task. The glass drills will be the most suitable for drilling, and glass cutters are fundamental for cutting.

Place the piece on a firm work table, attach it with tweezers or clamps, and if you are going to drill, place it on a cutting table (which already has large holes and the pieces are placed so that the drill leads directly to them).

Finally, always work with clean tiles, previously rubbed with alcohol and properly dried. In that case, it won’t be too difficult to cut and drill ceramics, and your projects will end up looking just the way you want.


Obviously, if you lack the necessary tools or simply don’t want to deal with the challenge of cutting and drilling ceramics and tiles, you can always count on your local Levittown handyman and ifixit to do the job for you!

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