Why Should I Clean my Washing Machine?

Washing machine cleaning can sound redundant, but let us first tell you why it is so important. While you typically think of the washing machine as the place that cleans your clothes, it can also be a breeding ground for dirt, mold and other germs. Not only that, but the lint that remains in your washing machine may get on your clothes and ruin them – which is quite frustrating, especially when you were counting on that freshly washed pair of jeans. Luckily, there is an easy way to clean your washing machine with supplies that you probably already have in your house!

What cleaning supplies will I need?

  • White cleaning vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Microfiber brush

That’s it!

How do I clean my washing machine?

One of the easiest ways to clean your washing machine is with white cleaning vinegar. Add about 4 cups of the vinegar to an empty spray bottle and spray the inside of the machine. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth. You want to also make sure to take out the Gasket and clean this item thoroughly as well. Next, you want to add 2 cups of the cleaning vinegar to the detergent dispenser. Make sure you set your washer to the highest possible setting and the hottest temperature. Run it for one complete cycle. Now add half a cup of baking soda directly into the machine. Run this cycle again on the highest possible setting and the hottest temperature. Once this cycle is done, once again wipe the inside of the machine with a microfiber towel.

We recommend cleaning your washing machine regularly. Usually, this means about once per month.

If you’re experiencing any trouble with your washing machine, you can always contact your local Levittown handyman and ifixit – we will be more than happy to get your washing machine up and running again.

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