If you’re thinking of selling your home, you should also aim to get the most out of this sale. Therefore, you should seriously consider investing in proper home renovations. In the end, if your home is both beautiful and functional, you’ll be able to increase its value on the market. You can quickly assess the most obvious areas that need repair. For some more thorough work regarding plumbing and electricity, your best choice is to call for your local New Hope handyman.

1. Walls and floors

This is the easiest and very important step when it comes to home renovations. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will definitely impress potential buyers. Moreover, the interior will look significantly brighter and cleaner. It’s recommended that you choose a neutral color palette for your pre-sale home painting. As far as floors are concerned, you have to make sure that there are no cracks or any other flaws to your flooring. If everything looks great, you don’t need to tackle the floor projects. However, it’s worth mentioning that wooden floors are really popular at the moment.

2. Kitchen

If all your kitchen elements function properly, you don’t have to replace them. However, in order to increase your home value, your kitchen has to look impeccable. In that respect, it would be a good idea to secure your cabinets. What’s more, if the cabinet paint is chipped or dull, spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. You can benefit a lot from replacing the counter tops as well. Also, don’t forget to install a backsplash to protect the kitchen walls. In case your kitchen has other points of concern, such as leaky faucets or appliances that don’t work, make sure to replace them. If you’re ready to make quite an investment in your home renovations, you should know that star-rated, energy efficient appliances can significantly boost your home value.

3. Bathroom

Apart from kitchen, bathroom is another room in one’s home that’s essential for raising the resale value. Of course, the first thing you should check is the condition of water system and plumbing. Princeton handyman can help you with that. Also, make it a point to thoroughly clean up the bathroom. You don’t want any rust stains and grout downgrading your home value. You may need to reapply caulk in some places as well. If your bathtub and other ceramic surfaces have cracks, it’s essential to repair them or completely replace these elements. Don’t forget about the toilet either. In case there’s no need to replace the entire toilet unit, at least get a new toilet seat.

4. New lighting

Before you start with your home renovations, make sure to check all your electrical outlets and switches. It may be necessary to improve them. If you don’t have the necessary skill or knowledge, always leave this type of job to the professionals. However, once everything is taken care of, you can boost your home value with new lighting solutions. The more light sources there are, the better resale value will be. Recessed lighting is especially trendy in the world of interior design. What’s more, automatic outdoor lighting can really make a difference and increase your home resale value.

5. Extra home renovations

If you really want to skyrocket your home value, you may want to consider some more challenging home renovations. For example, open floor plans are all the rage right now. You may need to pull some walls down in order to create a combined space. Furthermore, a nicely kept garden can significantly contribute to the resale value of your home. A patio, monochromatic design and sustainability of a backyard getaway can help potential buyers make the final decision in your favor.

Whatever home renovations you may need, make things easier for you and contact ifixit, your New Hope handyman. Our company deals with various kinds of repairs. From carpentry and plumbing to electricity and appliance installation, we can help you transform the look of your home and increase its value. Apart from Princeton, we also cover Langhorne and Southampton areas. Give us a call and experience our professional and efficient services yourself.

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