There’s a lot more to home care and maintenance than just taking care of the repairs when the issues arise. In the end, prevention and good riddance are the keys to making sure your home is well-kept. Not to mention that you have a certain responsibility once you are a homeowner. Of course, you can always call your Newtown handyman to help you with any types of repairs and upgrades when it comes to the comfort of your own home. But still, keep in mind the following checklist so that you can successfully prevent or at least minimize the chance of accidents.


1. Regular checkups

Check electrical installations and plumbing every six months to prevent accidents and timely breakage, especially if it is an older home.


2. Know when to call pros

Hire professionals who perform home care and maintenance, mainly if it’s the electrical system or the gas and water pipes. Doing the jobs yourself is a cheaper option but in the long run, the problem could get worse.


3. Keep an eye on appliances

Check the appliances such as the refrigerator, the washing machine, the water heater or the dishwasher. These appliances usually show early warning signs of failure so you can fix or replace them before they cause a more serious damage.


4. Tend to your yard

It’s also important to maintain your garden. That said, pay attention to the tree branches and roots so that they don’t damage your house structure and roof, or cause similar trouble for your neighbors.


5. Prevent floods

Protect the weak points of the house, especially in case of heavy rain. If you seal the doors, the windows, and the chimneys, you can avoid the internal floods that usually cause serious damage to the furniture.


6. Clean up the roof

Keep the roof clean, especially during the winter when there are heavy snowfalls. In this way, you will avoid the landslides caused by excessive weight.


7. Act quickly

In case of unusual stains or strange noises, contact a specialized technician immediately. This could be a serious problem with the water or gas installations.


8. Heating and drainage

Clean the heating system and the external drainage channels at least once a year.


9. Turn off appliances

Disconnect all electrical equipment from the power supply if you’ll be away from home for a considerable period of time. In addition, if it is within your possibilities, you can install a home automation system; this will allow you to remotely control all the facilities of the house and warn you of any problems.


10. Organize your budget

Plan an annual budget that covers unforeseen household expenses such as small plumbing or electrical work. Remember that solving the problem on time will always be the most economical and most beneficial option for everyone.


For any home care and maintenance concerns, don’t hesitate to give your local Newtown handyman and ifixit a call. After all, proper and consistent maintenance is absolutely necessary when it comes to your complete comfort and peace of mind.

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