One of the most common jobs we do for our clients at Ifixit is hanging pictures. It is also one of the most requested articles for our blog – so we thought we’d give you some inside info. If you ever thought that it takes a lot of complicated work to hang a picture – you’d be mistaken. It can all be made simple with just a few easy pieces of advice.


The position (of the viewer) matters

Before you break out the hammer and nails, let’s think the process through. In order to know where to hang a picture, you should first think where it will be viewed from. If it’s a room where people mostly walk and stand, a good rule of thumb is to place it so that the picture center is roughly 60 to 66 inches from the ground. In case most of the time in the room will be spent sitting. the pictures need to be hung lower. There’s no specific measurements here – simply take a seat and see where the eye level is, mark it down and you have your ideal picture height.


Think ahead before you hang a picture

Most people put pictures on their walls after they put in the furniture. With this in mind, make sure you first have all the furniture placed exactly where you want it and then place the pictures around it. This includes all furniture, such as sofas, couches, armchairs, bookcases, desks, lamps – anything that takes up space. A good distance from the furniture and the pictures is about 8-10 inches. Anything more or less than this will look odd and out of place.


Pictures over a couch

Many people will want their pictures hung over a couch, and there’s several things to keep in mind here. First, the picture(s) you choose should take up at least 2/3 of the length of the couch. This will create a nice, balanced look. This is also a great tip for hanging pictures over beds. In case you have several smaller pictures, make it an odd number so it’s easier to find the center. From this point simply add more pictures to the left and right. This brings in the next problem – spacing. There’s a lot of factors involved, but generally, pictures should be 2 to 5 inches apart. The precise distance depends on the number of pictures, their size and distance from nearby furniture.


These are just some of the main bits of information we use when a client asks us to hang a picture for them. If you want to eliminate the hard work from the process, contact Ifixit, your Morrisville handyman. We can not only hang a picture for you, but also help you with the decision on the best placement and distance from other pictures and furniture, to improve the interior design of your home.

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