Restoration can be a very challenging process, and even more so when you have to deal with wooden furniture. Basically, wood can be very delicate, and, in that sense, very susceptible to scratches, cracks, and wear. Since wood is one of the most popular furniture materials, every household can expect to deal with some wood damages sooner or later. But, damaging your wooden furniture doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Your Langhorne handyman reveals some tips that can help you fix wooden surfaces quickly and easily.


Clean the surface of the wood well

Many people may try to fix the damage instantly, but the truth is that the most important thing to do first is to clean the surface properly. This doesn’t just include simple dusting. Preparation involves thorough cleaning and sanding. This step is vital for the final result. You have to smooth the surface to avoid splinters and potential rough surfaces. To do this, use a fine grain sandpaper.

Once the surface is smooth, remove the possible remnants of sawdust that may have stuck to the wood. Take a soft cloth, soak it in soap and warm water and pass it over the surface to remove any remaining grease, dirt, wax or oil. Try to rinse and wring out the cloth frequently so that the results are better.


Choose the product you need

Many of the wood scratches can be fixed with putty. This product is available in a wide variety of colors and should be applied with a spatula so that the entire surface is smooth and even. If the hole to fill is very deep, apply several layers until you have filled it completely. Once this is done, remove the excess putty with the spatula.

Another frequent issue with wood involves white marks. This is very common for wooden tables when people don’t use coasters. These are not that difficult to remove. All you need is a rag with some alcohol.

When you have to fix wooden surfaces with shallow scratches and small damages, you can always opt for the markers as well. You literally just have to paint the damaged area. Just make sure to buy one that corresponds to the color of the wood. When the marker has dried, it’s recommended to apply a small amount of wax or varnish in order to even out the affected area with the rest of the furniture piece.


Wait for everything to dry and repeat if necessary

Once you have applied your chosen product, it’s important to let the wood dry and absorb it. If you do not want to risk it, leave the piece to dry for a whole night. In case you notice that the surface of the wood is still dented, repeat the sanding process, or, if necessary, apply more putty. If you notice that the furniture piece actually needs another layer of varnish, it would be ideal to coat the piece entirely for a fresh and even look.


Remember, when you want to fix wooden surfaces, you need to be delicate and patient with every step you take. As stated above, this material, although hard and robust, is very susceptible to damage so be very careful. What’s more, don’t use too much water when cleaning the furniture. Wood can absorb it and end up rotting away. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to call for your local Langhorne handyman and ifixt repair services if the damage on your wooden furniture is more serious and you can’t handle it on your own.

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