Christmas is one of the best times during the year for everyone – you get to spend time with the family and enjoy the jolly atmosphere and share gifts. But there is one more crucial element to Christmas – the decoration and Christmas lights. Whether you’re a creative handyman who makes their neighbors jealous every year with magnificent Christmas lights setups, or just someone who puts up a few lights to get by, there’s lots to know about Christmas decorations. Here’s some dos and don’ts on how to get the best Christmas and holiday lights decorations this season, in style and with safety.


         Know the difference between LED and incandescent lights. LEDs are much more efficient, using only 10% of the energy which incandescent lights use and their shelf life is much longer. They may cost more but over time the initial investment will pay itself off. Additionally, you should not connect LED and incandescent lights together because of the electrical current.

         Use proper equipment. Choose the cords, lights and power strips intended for outdoor use so that they can hold up against the elements. Use light clips to support the lights around gutters, corners and edges. Do not improvise and try to use hooks or staples. In any unusual places, a couple of zip ties will do the job. You should also make use of specially designed lights, as there are specific kinds for spiral wrapping, outlining and other uses.

         Call an expert. In case you’re not exactly a handyman, don’t have the time, you’re worried about safety or simply don’t have a good idea for decorations, contact us at Ifixit and we will get your Christmas decorations set up in no time at your location in Bucks County.


         Ignore safety precautions. In most cases, you will need to use a ladder – and they can be dangerous if you’re careless. Make sure to place the ladder on firm ground and to have someone nearby to brace the ladder for you. Additionally, you should take great care when walking on your roof and dealing with security. Finally, you need to be properly dressed and wear a pair of safety glasses or sunglasses.

         Rush with the storage. Once you decide to take your decorations down, take the time to store them properly for the next year. One or two tangled strands can easily become 20, and before you know it, you’ll be spending an hour untangling before even beginning the decorations. Make sure you keep the original decorations boxes and store different strands in individual bags to prevent a mess.

         Use too many light bulbs. This is more of a matter of practicality than style. Namely, there’s only so much that a standard circuit breaker can take before giving in. One light may not use up that much power, but when you combine hundreds of them, you can put a lot of stress on your circuit breaker. One of the ways you can tell that you’re using too many bulbs is if the lights towards the end of the line are dim or unlit, meaning that there’s a voltage drop.


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