Simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning your gutters and tree trimming may seem mundane, but the fact of the matter is that tasks such as these are your first line of defense during the raging thunderstorms. Therefore, don’t put off the following tasks for later and disaster-proof your home against summer storms. So, listen to your Princeton handyman – keeping your yard and general exterior tidy and clean can do a lot more for you than just look nice.


1. Keep your gutters clean

This is a boring task, but if you want to prevent water buildup that can possibly damage your foundation and walls, you definitely need to get your ladders out and clean up the debris. Also, don’t forget to flush the downspouts for possible clogs.


2. Trim the trees to protect the roof

Strom damage is not something to ignore, and trees that are dangling over your roof can end up being a true hazard. If your goal is to disaster-proof your home against summer storms, definitely trim the trees in time.


3. French drains to the rescue

A French drain which is a gravel-filled sloped trench can be very helpful in protecting your home against storm water. Essentially, its purpose is to direct the water away from your house. What’s more, you can always adjust the drain to your own needs. It can be shallow or deep.


4. Get yourself a generator

Investing in a portable or standby generator is well worth it if you want to disaster-proof your home against summer storms. Essentially, storms can cause power outages, which can then cause numerous other issues in your home, especially if the outage persists for a couple of days. In that respect, a generator can really make a difference.


5. A tidy yard can prevent fires

Tidy yard and well-maintained lawn are not just for the curb appeal boost. Make sure that your grass is short, that there are no dry leaves and dead branches around, and don’t hesitate to add a bunch of decorative stones. Obviously, your yard will look amazing this way. But, more importantly, such a neat and properly landscaped yard will minimize the risk of fire, as well.


6. Install impact-proof doors and windows

In case you have plenty of reason to worry about summer storms this season due to your specific location, some additional protective measures may be in order. For instance, it may be smart to install impact-resistant doors and windows and disaster-proof your home against summer storms even more.


7. Update your insurance

Whatever updates you get for your home remember to add them to your insurance. Also, always check your insurance to be on the safe side in case of a potential disaster. You never know what may happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


For any home updates you feel you can’t deal with on your own you can rely on your local Princeton handyman and give us a call at ifixit. We strongly advise you to check your home for any possible room for damage. This also includes the condition of your fire extinguisher.

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