These days, usually every household has a freezer, at least as a part of a fridge if not as a separate unit. But, even though having a freezer is very helpful when it comes to storing food, regular maintenance often slips the owner’s mind; well, at least until the freezer stops working. Essentially, using the freezer properly, especially when it comes to cleaning and defrosting, can effectively prolong its useful life and make things easier for the food prep. With the helpful tips from your Yardley handyman, you’ll be able to defrost and clean the freezer efficiently as well.


Tips for using the freezer properly

In general, modern freezers come with their own automatic cleaning and defrosting system. However, homeowners cannot completely rely on this. The more one uses the freezer the more the freezer works. This is why you have to be very careful when it comes to how many products you store in the freezer compared to how quickly you’re going to need the said products.

Also, keep in mind that opening and closing the freezer frequently can shorten its life span. This too makes the freezer works more, and it can let the heat in. Just keep in mind to bring the products you want to store in bulk so that you don’t have to pull the freezer doors too often.


How to defrost the freezer

Even if your appliance has an automatic defrosting system, it’s always advisable to do it manually at least once a year. You can also use this opportunity to deep clean it.

To defrost the freezer, it has to be emptied completely first. Unplug it and leave the doors open, at least for 24 hours. In case you can’t wait that long, you can use hot water and apply it to the frozen areas.

One option is to place a pot with hot water inside the freezer; the steam and the heat will help defrost the freezer faster. You can also use a regular hair dryer, or place a fan in front so that the air can thaw the ice.

If the appliance has a defrosting system, there should be less accumulated ice present. Therefore, it’s expected it will thaw faster. It’s very important not to use sharp objects to eliminate the ice; this can damage the freezer irremediably.

Always remember to unplug the freezer before defrosting it and dry it well before connecting it again.


How to clean the freezer

Obviously, waiting for the freezer to defrost is essential before you could clean it. But, waiting can be the most annoying part of the whole process. Still, the above-mentioned tips can help you thaw the freezer faster. Once you actually can start with the cleaning, create a mixture of water and detergent. You should dampen a cloth or a sponge with the mixture in order to properly clean the freezer.

When it comes to the rinse water, you can always add a few drops of vinegar, just to brighten up the unit’s surface a little. And, most importantly, remember to avoid toxic and/or abrasive products! Water, mild detergent or neutral soap are more than enough. As mentioned before, let the freezer dry completely (at least an hour) before plugging it in again. In addition, wait another 30 minutes before you return all the food products inside.


With regular maintenance that consists of practical and smart use as well as thorough cleaning and defrosting, your freezer will serve you for longer. But, if you can’t determine the problem, and your freezer’s not working, don’t hesitate to call for your local Yardley handyman and ifixit. We’ll fix the issue for you.

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