It’s true that we’re still in the middle of summer, but soon enough, fall will be on our doorsteps, and before the fire burning starts, it’s essential that you clean your chimney. You can always count on special services in your area like your local Southampton handyman, or, you can check out the following tips, and try finishing the task on your own.


Seal up the fireplace

Before you start doing any work, you have to open up the damper of the fireplace below the chimney. Also, secure a plastic sheet in front of it with a duct tape. Once you’re done with this, you will need another plastic sheet that will be bigger than the opening of the fireplace. This will protect the fireplace from the debris as you tape that sheet over it.


Head to the roof

When you’re going to the roof, it would be best to have someone else assist you. You can clean your chimney yourself, but it’s still wise to have someone hold the ladder while you climb and move around the roof. Of course, bring all the necessary tools with you, together with a cordless drill and a dust mask.


Remove chimney caps

You need flue access and to gain one, the first thing you should do is turn out the caps screws with the mentioned cordless drill. However, once you remove the caps, make sure that you placed them somewhere safe on the roof and away from you. This will ensure that they stay in place without falling off as you get on with the cleaning.


Start scrubbing

In order to start scrubbing your chimney, you will need to turn the chimney sweeping brush onto the extension rod. Make sure to bring several rods with you to the roof. With that first rod, you can take care of the chimney’s top and go a bit downwards. Once you reach the first rod’s end, keep adding more rods, so that you can continuously sweep further and further down the chimney. Do this until you reach the smoke shelf. But, it’s important that you don’t remove the whole brush at once. Sweep lightly as you pull it upward. Remove the rod and set it aside with every joining point.


Finish up

Your job is still not over. Now is the time to replace the chimney caps. In order to get yourself off the roof properly, you should first send your tools down to your helper and only then climb down the ladder. When you’re finally downstairs, wait for ten minutes or so before cleaning out the fireplace. This will allow all the debris and dust to settle on the sheets. Then proceed to remove the sheets carefully and clean any other visible and reachable areas with a smaller brush.


You can always count on Southampton handyman to help you clean your chimney as well as for any other home repairs you may need. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ifixit and enjoy the safety and functionality of your home.

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