In order to choose wall paint that you’re going to be completely satisfied with, it’s important to know what you want to achieve. That said, the following tips can come in handy. Of course, you can always count on your Morrisville handyman to do the painting work for you. However, the good news is that painting can also be a pretty simple DIY.


1. Think about what effect you want to achieve

When choosing a paint color, it is important that you have a clear idea of what effect you want the painted room to have. If you want the style of the room to be perceived as relaxing, it is advisable to use the tone-on-tone technique, which consists of choosing a base color and then painting with other lighter ones in the same tone.


2. Take into account the color of the accessories

This is usually one of the most complicated decisions when it comes to changing the decoration of any room in one’s house. There is a wide range of colors but, how to choose wall paint that will be the best? The key is to take into account the color of the accessories, floor, tiles, furniture, and windows in the room and choose the paint tone that matches well with them.


3. Avoid colors that clash with art

If you have works of art and decorative objects that you want to display, it is better that the walls are not painted in red or orange colors. To highlight these objects the best, colors such as green and white work excellently.


4. Never choose wall paint based on trends

You know that decoration trends and styles change over the years, but this isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem with paint. The smartest decision you can make is to paint with colors that are timeless, such as blues, creams, shades of gray and white, and pastel colors.


5. Walls are not palettes

In order to choose wall paint properly, you should always bear in mind that the color will never be the same as it looks in the paint palette, or the color of the accessories, objects, and furniture you have.


6. Paint on a sheet, not on the wall

Never do the painting test on a part of the wall to be painted. Once you paint on top of the sample and with the same tone, the dried paint will look like a patch. It is better to take an A4 or larger sheet and paint it with the chosen shade. Then move it over to the wall to see how it looks.


7. Take the 5-day test

Be calm during this process, even if it takes you a while to choose wall paint that suits you. First, choose several different tones/shades, paint with them on a white sheet and place them on the wall; wait between two and five days before making the decision to use any of them. During these five days check the color at different times of the day to see what it looks like in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is the best way to see if this is really what you want.


8. Use white for impact

To make your personal environment stand out, you can resort to the white color and combine it with another shade. Some color combinations that look great are white and blue, white and pink, white and salmon, white and indigo, and so on.


9. Do not use bright colors for the bedroom

The bedroom is personal and intimate; therefore the best color to paint the bedroom is one that owners enjoy and like. However, it is advisable to avoid bright and vibrant colors like yellow because they do not favor rest. In general, blues and greens together with whites and creams are perfect for the bedroom.


10. Don’t rush to repaint if you don’t like the color

If you painted the walls with one color and then realized that you don’t like it, you shouldn’t paint another color over it immediately! Before painting again you have to try changing the lighting in the room, such as replacing the cool light bulbs with warmer ones, or changing the decorative accessories in the room so that you are sure of your preferences and likes/dislikes 100%.


There’s no need to rush in order to choose wall paint for your home. It’s always better to take things slowly and make the whole work look very professional. Of course, your local Morrisville handyman and ifixit are always there to help you.

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