Making the most out of your home’s landscape has plenty of benefits. For instance, if you boost your curb appeal, your home’s resale value is going to rise. On the other hand, designing your yard the way you like and feel pleased with will make you happier and more content, and will provide you with a natural escape to de-stress and relax in your own home. You can easily tend to the following tips on your own, but you can also count on your Southampton handyman to help you with anything you find challenging.


1. Proper cleanup

In order to do something nice with your yard, you first need to clean it up and get rid of clutter. Therefore, make sure to get rid of any debris as well as junk that’s making a mess unnecessarily. Don’t just clean up your yard but your shed as well. Bid farewell to anything you’ve been holding onto, but haven’t found the purpose for. Also, cut the grass before proceeding with the rest of the landscape redesign.


2. Repaint what you can

You don’t have to repaint your house (unless you want to), but you can definitely boost your curb appeal simply by repainting your fence, your shed, or other structures you may have in your yard that need some freshening up. If there are some rules about paint in your neighborhood, make sure to check them out. On the other hand, you can definitely let your creative freedom flow. Vibrant jewel tones have been really popular recently, but pastel ones as well. Of course, you can always stick to contemporary modern style with neutral shades. Just make sure that the overall color scheme matches, and that your landscape pairs well with your house.


3. Enrich your garden with plants

You don’t have to care for a huge garden in order to enjoy the benefits of plants and greenery. Essentially, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants/flowers/shrubbery that can be planted wherever you want in your yard in order to boost your curb appeal. If you don’t want to stick to any particular pattern of the plant layout, planting them along the fence is the best option. In case you’re interested in achieving a truly modern feel of your home’s outdoors, opt for monochromatic plants.


4. Add the details

Depending on what you plan to achieve with your yard, adding details can be more or less challenging. For starters, a patio and garden path can make a huge difference. There are numerous options to do this, from simple DIYs to professional projects. Moreover, adding little bits and bobs such as garden gnomes, decorative stones, and wooden signs, as well as a tree swing and/or a hammock can warm up and personalize your outdoors effectively. If you want to spice up your front porch as well, you can think about repainting the front door (maybe match the color to the fence?), and even upgrading your house number, doorbell, door knocker, mailbox, hardware, etc.


5. Light up your yard

It’s important to have your yard properly lit if you want to boost your curb appeal. For example, you can use floor lights along the garden path (or driveway). Moreover, automatic lights on the porch are very practical. If you want to create an almost magical atmosphere, think about using LED fairy lights, and even torches for dramatic effect.


Regardless of whether you plan to sell your home, or enjoy it yourself for years to come, the outdoors and overall landscape can really make a difference. Don’t hesitate to give your local Southampton handyman and ifixit a call if you need help with anything.

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