Your toilet may be damaged or blocked, or you could simply want a new unit to match your bathroom style better. Whatever the reason, you can trust your Yardley Handyman to offer clear instructions on how to install a toilet yourself. As long as you have proper tools, this won’t be an overly challenging task. Therefore, get your hacksaw, slip-joint pliers, putty knife, rubber gloves, adjustable wrench, a rag and a plunger ready.

1. Remove the old toilet

The first thing you should do when you want to install a toilet is to disconnect the water supply line. Also, don’t forget to remove as much water as possible from your tank and bowl. Use the plunger if you have to force the water into the drain. To start the toilet removal, the base trim caps have to be popped off. The next part involves the removal of nuts and washers. You may need to use a hacksaw for this. Once you do that, it should be fairly easy to lift the bowl and the tank. You’ll be left with the sewer hole in the floor so stick a rag into it to prevent gas leakage.

2. A new wax seal is necessary

With a putty knife, you can remove the old wax seal. Also, clean up and scrape all the gunk which was accumulated in this area. Don’t forget to check the condition of the flange. In case it’s damaged it would be better to call for your Yardley Handyman. If it’s not, proceed with work. This is the time to remove the rag as well as the flange bolts. Then you can add new closet bolts to the flange. The final step in this case involves placing the wax ring on the flange and bolts accordingly.

3. Assemble the new toilet and tank

This is the step when you will actually get to install a toilet. You need to attach the toilet unit to the tank. The tank bolts should hang from the tank bottom so that you can adjust your aim properly. Neatly line up the tank bolts with bolt openings in the bowl and let the tank fall into place. Of course, if you want to secure the tank and bowl together, you need to really tighten the bolts. You don’t want the tank to sit flimsy on the bowl.

4. Install the toilet

Now that you’re done with the more difficult part of toilet installation, it’s time to finish the process. Put your assembled toilet base over the flange bolts. You need to line them up with the openings in the toilet base. Once you place the toilet base properly on top of the flange, press it firmly. That way, your toilet base will create a secure seal with the wax flange ring. All that’s left to finally install a toilet is to put the washers and nuts on the protruding bolts using a wrench. Of course, put the trim caps back in place. Since you have a new toilet, you need to mount the lid and a seat to the base. Then you can use the pliers to turn the water back on.

Once you’ve completed all the steps that Yardley Handyman provided you with, you can adjust the fill valve in the tank and effectively install a toilet. Not only will the new toilet look better in your bathroom but it will also contribute to sustainable lifestyle. Leaky toilets can waste gallons of water every day. For more sustainable home repairs, feel free to contact ifixit. Home maintenance is something that we do best at very reasonable prices.

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