It’s really easy to ignore some minor repairs in your home, especially if they’re not causing you any major discomfort at the moment. However, these things can also get much worse if you neglect to fix them when necessary. So, why risk for the cost and the amount of fixes to jump up, when you can get away with DIY home repairs. Of course, sometimes it’s always better to leave the work to professionals and call for your local Southampton handyman. Still, some jobs can be easily done without the expert’s help. Pay attention to the following repairs. They are issues that you can tend to yourself and prevent any bigger damage from happening.

Easy and quick DIY home repairs you can do right now:


1. Leaky kitchen and bathroom pipes

In case you notice that the pipes in your kitchen and/or bathroom leak occasionally, you may want to look into the condition of your compression nuts and washers. Small repairs like these can save you a lot of trouble and costly fixes in the future. After all, replacing the nuts and washers is pretty simple, if you don’t ignore the issue. Major leaks and floods can cause a serious damage that’s easily preventable in this case.


2. A faulty light switch

Obviously, DIY home repairs shouldn’t involve any serious work with electricity. That can be really dangerous. However, when it comes to replacing a broken light switch, you don’t have to wait for a repairman if you’re positive that you can stick to the necessary precautions. After all, leaving your light switch damaged can lead to more alarming electrical problems and expose your whole household to danger. Of course, before you start replacing your light switch, don’t forget to turn off the power circuit completely.


3. A jammed garbage disposal

When your garbage disposal gets clogged, there’s no need to panic. Actually, this is one of the easiest DIY home repairs on this list. Obviously, you need to turn the power off and adjust the flywheel properly. Basically, you just need to rotate the flywheel and perhaps get your pliers to clear anything that may be stuck. All you need to do then is turn the power back on and clear the garbage disposal with water, just in case.


4. Dirty and dusty fridge coils

You don’t really need to clean your coils more often than twice a year. With that being said, you really have no excuse for dirty and dusty fridge coils slowing down your refrigerator. If the fridge performance is poor due to the restricted airflow caused by dirty coils, you won’t only be putting the function of your whole fridge in question, but you’ll also waste a lot more energy in your home. That’s hardly beneficial for the environment or your wallet.


5. Clogged sliding patio doors

This may sound like a strange home repair, but if you continuously ignore your patio sliding doors that are getting more and more difficult to actually slide, you’re asking for an accident. The more force you need to slide open your door, the more chances there are to break the handle or get the doors completely stuck. Once your doors start to require more effort to slide open, unscrew them from the track and remove the stile cover. Then you can clean the wheels and get rid of any clogs.


For all other home repairs that you don’t feel comfortable with tending to on your own, feel free to call for your Southampton handyman and get in touch with us at ifixit. We will provide you with the quick and efficient repair service that won’t leave you with any room for stress and worry.

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