Many people these days decide to install home video surveillance. It’s a great solution for better home protection. What’s more, people can even check up on their kids or older family members when they’re not home. This is something you can do yourself and your Newtown handyman will go over four main things you need to take into account when taking up this project.


1. Evaluate, plan and compare before buying

Buying a home video surveillance system won’t end up very effective if you haven’t taken the time to analyze the space you want to cover in your home first. This means that you should start by analyzing the spots for the cameras; this will also give you the number of devices you need to use. What’s more, there’s a budget you need to think about as well. It would be best to discuss your options about different systems in regards to what you find necessary with the experts on the matter. That way, you’ll be able to compare the benefits of different systems. Also, you’ll get to pinpoint the solution that fits your budget perfectly.


2. The connection between the cameras and the recorder

Once you decide where you want to put up your home video surveillance (give preference to ceilings and high parts of the walls), add marks that would serve as guides when you drill the holes. Then you can screw the camera base into the holes with the studs. Most cameras come with a specially designed base that allows for a simple push in order to fit into place. With that completed, you should connect the cameras to the outputs and recorder. Usually, you’ll have to deal with hiding or adjusting two cables; one for the video input and one for the electricity. If you opt for wireless systems, you’ll have less to deal with but the initial investment could be higher.


3. Use professional material for installation and operation

Although it may be tempting, using computers or home hard drives, among other devices, is not advisable when installing a home video surveillance equipment. It’s actually better to use systems specifically designed for this purpose; they will have to be operative during all hours of the day with no pauses or interruptions. Keep in mind that truly professional equipment offers a guarantee and money return in case of malfunction.


4. Report the presence of video surveillance cameras

If the camera or cameras are installed facing the outside of the house, it’s always mandatory to inform the neighborhood and authorities of their presence. This is very important if you want to ensure proper data protection. It’s true that laws and regulations, in this case, differ from city to city, let alone state to state. That said, if you really want to have a home video surveillance system outdoors, you have to get information on what permits you need. There are also the responsibilities you’ll have as a homeowner and other potential rules you’ll have to follow.


The actual process of attaching the home video surveillance cameras and connecting them properly may not be that challenging, but in order to make everything blend with your place better, you may want to elicit the professional help of ifixit and your local Newtown handyman.

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